New World Rhapsody

Born in the U.S. but raised in Asia, Lenny, 21, arrives in New York City bursting with plans of doing amazing things in the multi-cultural mecca he’s loved from afar. Lenny gets an alarming crash course in reality – but refuses to give up his American dream.

Cast: 4W, 3M (with doubling)

RHAPSODY takes us on the edgy, psychedelic trip of a young American, Lenny Kenowitz, who, like the playwright himself, returns to this country after a lifetime spent in India. This quasi-autobiographical tactic lets Kraar explore, without wallowing in sentimentality, the possibility that the Statue of Liberty’s famous welcoming words still mean something – that she is still profoundly alive.” — The Herald-Times of Bloomington

  • Commissioned by Manhattan Theatre Club
  • Bloomington Playwrights Project New Play Award
  • Workshopped at New York Stage & Film Company